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Baby Steps

She's driving already!

I had a dream last week that the Bean suddenly started walking.  The dream was triggered by my excitement about some of her recent new developments.

The most exciting for me was that on Friday, during her physical therapy session, she took her first couple of steps while holding onto her therapist’s fingers.  I was so elated I had to blink back the tears of joy.  My girl hasn’t even wanted to try taking steps until now.  She’s been perfectly happy to stand holding on to something or sit and scoot around.  She can also stand for about 3 seconds without support if she tries really hard, although that’s not consistent yet.  I think the time she spent with other kids (playdates and lots of birthday parties) in the last few weeks may have tipped the balance on her desire to try it.  It’s got to be frustrating to her 2-year-old mind to have all these kids running around when she’s stuck on the ground.  Not a bad use of peer pressure, I’d say. 

The Bean has also been learning a lot more about language lately. 

  • She suddenly started saying “wawa” for water.  I know it’s not just a coincidence, because she already has a sign for water, and she used that right after she said “wawa” and then guzzled a bunch of it down. 
  • I was telling our dog, Sakari, to get off the back of the seat in the car.  The command is “off”, and we have to say it quite loudly and assertively for her to pay any attention.  As I was yelling at the dog and trying to drive, I suddenly heard my daughter say “aw, aw” (sounds like off without the ff).  She’s done that a couple of times now.  So cute.
  • Her new favourite game is to point out the eyes on every person, animal or stuffed toy she can get her hands on.  “Ah, ah” (eye), she says.
  • She spontaneously used the sign for “please” in the appropriate context.  I was ignoring her pleas for “dar” (animated Youtube videos of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) because she’d already had too much computer time that morning.  But when I glanced at her, I saw that she was signing “please” (flat hand rubbed in a circular pattern over your chest).  A TWO WORD SENTENCE, albeit in two different languages.  And an understanding that when you want something, you say “Please”!  Wow!  And today, when she was demanding “dar” again, I reminded her that she had to say “please”, and she did it again. 

The third really cool thing that happened in the past couple of weeks is that her ability to copy gestures has suddenly improved.  She waves her arms in circles slowly through the air when watching the ballerinas dance in the Wiggles “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” video.  Last week she tried to sign “stand” when I showed it to her, and is picking up new signs all the time.  She copies every cute silly thing that her Dada tries to teach her. 

It’s crazy exciting to have our Bean finally learning words at a rate faster than one a month.  It’s so much fun to know that we’re teaching her things daily, and that she understands a whole lot more than we think she does.  We recently split her Oral Motor/Speech therapy session into two separate one-hour sessions so that we’re focusing a lot more on Speech.  I can’t wait to see how the extra therapy time helps to speed up this process.


About Bethany Seto

I am a first-time blogger and a Stay-at-Home mom. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and daughter.

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  1. YEAH, Jenna!! and extra YEAHS for a mama that teaches her new things every day!

  2. Victoria Manning

    Yeah!!!! so excited to hear about Jenna’s milestones. I am so proud of you all. Keep blogging we love the updates.


  3. Wow! We are so excited for you guys and so proud of Jenna. God is working in your family, that is clear!

  4. Rebekah Janzen

    Wow Beth! That is so great. I think the next time we see you guys she will have changed a lot again. Celebrating with you over watching progress! Make sure you get it all on video so we can see her grow!

  5. Thanks for documenting what’s going on. You’re really good at keeping us all in the loop. It’s next best to being with you. Hugs for all through the computer screen. ((( )))


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