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Squeamish People Beware: This Post is About Poop


This happy scene was NOT going on at our house this evening

Today, my daughter ingested her own feces.  Yup, you read correctly.  Lest you suddenly start thinking that I’m a horrible, neglectful mother, let me explain.

It was getting toward bedtime, and she was a little cranky.  As I brought her to her room to get her ready for bed, I realized she was also a little stinky.  So down she went on the change table, and off came the pants.  I reached for the wipes so as to be ready once I opened the offending diaper.  I didn’t notice, at first, that the poop had squished out the top of the front of her diaper.   As I turned my attention back to the Bean, she whipped her hand up from where she’d touched the escaped feces and put it straight into her mouth.  “NO!”, I yelled.  “You Don’t Eat The Poop!”  I swiped away the mess before she could touch it again, and quickly also wiped her face.

Totally undeterred by my vocal explosion, she reached down again, this time down into her diaper.  Did she LIKE the taste?  Did I create a problem by making a big deal about it?  I frantically grabbed at her hands before she could take another lick, cleaned her up, and then changed that diaper at lightning speed.

Further disaster averted, the Bean got stuffed into her pajamas, and we went straight to the bathroom to scrub her teeth.  There was no cajoling or game-playing about brushing her teeth tonight.  I laid her down, opened her mouth, and scrubbed until I was satisfied.

Has this ever happened to any of you?  Please tell me I’m not alone!

Oh, and Mom, PLEASE tell me I didn’t do this when I was a baby!

The Bean is going to kill me when she grows up and reads this post. 😉


About Bethany Seto

I am a first-time blogger and a Stay-at-Home mom. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and daughter.

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  1. What I love about the Bean is that she is a girl who has a mind of her own. As soon as you used the “N” work (NO!) it became a challenge. True to from from a girl with a mind of her own, she did exactly the thing you said no to. She is 2+ after all. Get used to it. I love you both and now I love the Bean just a little bit mor. You go girl!!!


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