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Recent Beany Accomplishments

The Bean has been growing in all areas lately.  It’s been so exciting.  Some highlights:

  1. Speech– Her words have been exploding.  She tries to copy most sounds we make, and is learning new words and signs every day.  Recent words include “wah” (walk), “hah” (hat), “ooh ooh” (monkey), “baa baa” (sheep), “nana” (banana), ‘ama” (grandma), “puhpuh” (grandpa), “amauw” (animal – not to be confused with ehmauw, which is Elmo), “wawa” (water), “ow” (out), and “dauw” (down).  Some of these words she’s been able to say for a while, but she’s finally using them to communicate her needs.  It’s so much easier.

    reading a book

    The Bean LOVES to read (courtesy of Naomi Unrau)

  2. Fine Motor– The Bean has gotten very good at manipulating my iPhone.  She can select apps with her pointer finger and touch a tiny arrow to move the story or game forward.  She is starting to be able to feed herself with a spoon.  If I pierce the food with her fork, she can get that in her mouth too.

    tea party

    All dressed up for a tea party (personal photo)

  3. Gross Motor– We’ve been walking around together for a couple of months, with me holding her hands and walking behind her.  She’s started to be able to walk on the treadmill at therapy holding onto a bar without being supported or helped by her therapist.  She can also walk pushing her walker ahead of her.  Standing is now her preferred position and she loves to play, read books or watch TV while cruising up and down the side of the coffee table.  In addition, she has started lying down on her stomach and pushing herself around with her hands and knees.  It’s not quite crawling – more like a frog swimming motion – but it gets closer to crawling every time.


    Farmer Beany had a cow, EIEIO (personal photo)

  4. Social– The Bean loves to play with other kids.  She has always loved being around other people, but it seems like she’s starting to notice the difference between hanging out with adults and playing with kids.  I’ll be sending her to daycare once a week to have more opportunity to play, and also to give myself a break; we have found a local playgroup, so we’ll be playing there after speech class on Tuesdays;  on Wednesdays, we go to a Mommy and Me music class, which we both enjoy immensely; and we still try to get to playgroup with our Southern Marin Mother’s Club playgroup on Fridays.


    A little music appreciation with friends (personal photo)

  5. School– on March 21, 2012, the Bean will start prescho0l five mornings a week.  We’re hoping to get her into the Special Needs preschool in San Rafael because they have a lot more resources to help her out.  The default preschool option will be an integrated school in Novato that has typical and special needs kids together in the same class.  That wouldn’t be so bad, except that I think she’s still going to need a lot of physical help, and they don’t really have the resources for that.  So I’ll be advocating to get her into the more extensive program, at least for the first year.I am both anticipating and dreading the start of preschool.  On the one hand, I am very much looking forward to having a few hours to myself every day to get things done without interruption.  On the other hand, I’ve spent 2.5 years spending most waking moments with my daughter, and I think I’m going to feel a little weird (and maybe a  bit lost) without her.  Still, for the most part, preschool spells F-R-E-E-D-O-M for me, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to explore some of my own interests again.

About Bethany Seto

I am a first-time blogger and a Stay-at-Home mom. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and daughter.

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  1. I love the update! Thanks for sharing Beth, we haven’t seen Jenna in too long and it’s great to read about how she’s developing and see her cute pics 🙂 – Trace


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