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Pigtails – a Girl’s Rite of Passage

pigtail photo

yay! pigtails! (personal photo)

This morning the Bean was sitting on my lap watching Backyardigans, when I realized that her hair was long enough to tie back into pigtails.  I was combing through it with my fingers trying to get the worst of the tangles out, and inspiration struck.  So I got my comb, some tiny ponytail holders, and got to work.  The results were a little crooked the first time, but I did it!  Her hair is just as slippery as mine was at that age.

She couldn’t leave them alone for the first hour, but they stayed in.  I imagine it must feel weird having your hair tied back for the first time.  I’ve never been able to put little clips or bows in her hair because she can just pull them out.  So finally, I can play with my little girl’s hair!

She hasn’t had a haircut yet.  And now that I’ve discovered pigtails, it will probably be a while before we get to a kiddie salon.


About Bethany Seto

I am a first-time blogger and a Stay-at-Home mom. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and daughter.

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